Women Empowerment-out

Investing in women entrepreneurs & transforming lives.

This initiative aims to improve the lives of low-income families, specifically in rural areas. This project will enable them become economically stable through farming and non-farming business investments and innovations using locally available resources in their communities. We do this by enabling women, girls and youth to start village businesses, from which they can generate income and become self-sustainable. The project entails, but is not limited to:

1. Village Microbusinesses. These are small scale enterprises focused on encouraging  economic development, especially among women and unemployed youth. These businesses are mostly skills-based such as handcraft making, book making, bee keeping knitting, handbag sewing and others. Watch the short video about Mothers creations Group here

Community members also receive gifted pigs, goats and chickens. As these animals reproduce, they are passed onto another farmer in the same village to provide manure for on-farm use and generate income from the sale of their products.

2. Village saving and loaning. Community members in remote areas are able to access small sized and affordable credit from self-mobilized resources. Members use their these groups to get financial resources where ever needed to further invest in their businesses. These members can use their acquired knowledge, skills and access to financial services that can engage in more developmental projects such as starting new village business, buying improved seeds or paying for their children’s education.

This model guarantees sustainability of our Village Micro Enterprises started with over 80% success and continuity rate.

Our Impact.

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How it works.

  • The group of self-selected members comprised of 10 -15 members come together with a business idea which could be use to generate income in their village.
  • The group receives business training from our staff, where they cover four modules of the Village business model; Enterprise Selection, Resource Mobilization, Financial Literacy and Business Management & Sustainability.
  • Members select an enterprise and make a simple business plan with the help of their trainer and raise at least 35% of the required capital. We then link the group to business sponsors who invest 65% of the required capital as no interest loans repayable in 18 to 24 months or as just a startup donation depending on the supporter’s interests.
  • Our business trainers and volunteers further mentor the members and support them with advice, product promotion, marketing and other needs the group may have.