What we do

Sustainable Agriculture:

We work with smallholder farmer families that farm less than two acres of land to equip them with essential knowledge and technologies, as well as appropriate tools and access to Agro-inputs to improve farm productivity and profitability of farm enterprises. Learn more here.

Women Empowerment:

We strive to improve the lives of low-income families, specifically in rural areas. This initiative will enable women to become economically stable through both farming and other business investments / innovations which use locally available resources in their communities. We do this by enabling women, girls and youth to start village businesses, from which they can generate income and become self-sustainable. The project entails, but is not limited to; village microenterprises and village saving & loaning. Learn more here

Environment – Green Villages:

We aim to engage communities in increasing biodiversity, enhancing socio-economics and fighting poverty in climate challenged communities. With their gift kits, farming families transform their farmlands into micro ecosystem units that enrich diversity and productivity, in communities where livelihoods are threatened by climate change. Our interventions include; planting trees with farmer families, working with eco-schools and providing green energy in villages. Learn more here

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