Water for Communities

Water for Communities (W4C) is a water and sanitation initiative aiming to improve access to safe water in communities of Lwengo and Mpigi districts among families and schools. Many individuals in villages often get deadly, yet preventable diseases such as diarrhea, poor sanitation methods after using the toilets and other unhygienic practices. This initiative directly addresses these core challenges using cost effective and sustainable means.

  • Rain water harvesting. Families and schools are sensitized and supported to harvest rain water from rooftops using low cost and sustainable technologies. This water is much cleaner and safe for domestic use.
  • Water filtration and treatment. Many families and children in schools are unable drink the available water in their environments due to the lack of filtration. We source and distribute water filtration devices to families in communities where we operate.
  • Education on WASH. Community members are educated on best hygiene and sanitation practices that can be adopted by families and children in schools to avoid water related diseases that result from poor hygiene.

To donate visit our water campaigns page here.


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