Volunteer reviews

Here is what our volunteers say about us. (Hoover over Tile for contact details).

Julia Hedberg – “Community driven” (Sweden)

477b9f2b-7583-4004-b41d-60453ec90257Great organisation if you want to work with community-driven development for a sustainable future. The work is conducted in a way that the organisation supports the community members and give them the knowledge and tools in order for them to sustain their own livelihoods.

Erik Nelsson – “Experience in Uganda”  (Sweden)

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I spent 6 weeks with Integrated Villages in Lwengo district, Uganda as a part of a longer trip in Africa.  This was the most interesting experience on my travels and highly recommended, even though I would recommend to stay a longer period of time. During my internship I was a part of a multitude of community projects with a focus on agroforestry and organic farming. My supervisor, Godfrey, had a vast knowledge of the local environment and traditions, but also about the (great) challenges of climate change and how to adapt to them. He was good at English, and very communicative and flexible (which was needed, since the rain season lasted three weeks longer than “expected”). Among the projects, we built a tree nursery and prepared tree seedlings, we planted trees and produce, such as white cabbage, and attended work shops with local farmers. In general, it was a very pleasant experience and I hope to be able to return in the future to see the development in the area!

Shelby Chau – “Simply Empowering” (Canada)

13442272_10154227783943704_3385803011014639242_nFor two weeks, I was volunteering with a women’s group located in Kasaana. The women made handicrafts such as mats, beads, and bracelets. The project was flexible; I was involved in activities such as product development, fundraising, and improving marketing. I stayed with Godfrey and his family during my time. Not only did they prove that Ugandans were very hospitable, but they were also very accommodating. Godfrey was very well informed and flexible. He let me see different aspects of Uganda, by introducing me to a local school, the women I volunteered with, and also different cultural aspects. Everyone I had interacted with was very friendly and eager to learn about my culture as well. With this project, I know my impact will be going very far! To conclude, I had an amazing time filled with culture and empowerment. I highly recommend! Contact Shelby by email: Chaushelby@gmail.com

Julio Alberto – “Enriching experience” (Spain)

julio volunteeringWorking with Integrated Villages was a very enriching experience. I learnt a lot about the life in the rural areas of Uganda, about the knowledge of these people, their challenges abilities and everyday struggles. During my stay in Lwengo, I was able to work with different groups in the community and I accomplished different projects with them. We started a small bookmaking business, we learnt how to make soap and jam with local ingredients with them. I helped in the construction of a water tank at a school and the establishment of pig structures and three energy saving stoves for farmers. I was also able to start a project to promote handmade products by a series of pictures and documentary video. I recommend this organisation!

Agne Nainyte – “Great experience for personal development” (Lithuania)

integratedvillages -Agne Nainyte - volunteering in UgandaI was volunteering with two women groups facilitated by Integrated Villages NGO. My objective was to help women find business partners who can sell their handcrafts. While working on the women empowerment project, I found various other opportunities to improve NGO work. It was great to see the NGO are receptive to continuous improvement. My overall experience was great for my personal development and better understanding of poverty issues in rural Uganda. I would highly recommend everyone to spend at least few weeks living in the field. Read more here.

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