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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. Volunteering with our programs only requires two easy steps! Determine an opportunity of interest and apply! it is that simple. You may also read our reviews here.

1.Determine an opportunity of interest

Volunteer opportunities are available both online or by visiting us at the site in Uganda. Volunteers are welcome to come year round. We currently have seven volunteer projects available which include among others;

We currently have Volunteer Opportunities available in the areas of: Environmental Conservation, Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship and Water and Sanitation.


In rural communities like Lwengo, women spend much their time collecting firewood, fetching water, cooking, care taking for the young and sick, and small-scale farming. We work with women to improve their livelihoods through skills development such managing small group enterprises or handicrafts. Women currently work in small groups to make handbags, tablemats, beads, or bracelets to earn additional income. Our goal is that these women can become self-reliant and improve their livelihoods.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of:

  • Train women and/or youth in entrepreneurship skills and management of small businesses.
  • Teaching young people and women how to grow their business ideas.Working with the group to design a marketing strategy for the products.
  • Organising information meeting with the women and/or youth groups.
  • Sharing best ways to practice the culture of saving among women and youth.
  • Designing easy to use learning material for women and youth (for use during training)MANDATORY: Cultural session with the local group outlining facts and information about your own country

Apply for this position here.


This programs works with the rural community to rehabilitate their degraded communities so they can be able to sustain their community needs and livelihoods. We are working with farmers in these villages to sustainably use their land to grow more food for their families and jointly create more a sustainable environment by rehabilitating the degraded land by encouraging farmers to integrate tree growing in their farm activities and enterprises.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of:

  • You will work with local people especially smallholder farmers in the community to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems and challenges they face using locally available resources.
  • You will conduct trainings and demonstrations for farmers on climate change mitigation methods and better farming methods that can be integrated in their conventional farming in order to realize better yields and income from their livelihood activities.
  • Conducting informational meetings on the impact of climate change to smallholder farming with local farmers, leaders and community.
  • Organising tree planting campaigns and sensitizing communities on benefits of tree integration on their farmlands and environment.
  • Designing easy to understand training material about climate change mitigation, waste management, organic farming, sustainable energy/ renewable energy and other vital topics for local people in the communities you will be working with.
  • Share knowledge on conservation practices to farmers, students and pupils. seedlings on our community farm in Luteete village. (Rainy seasons only: April – June and August –December)
  • Educate the local people on the effects of climate change and possible solutionsMANDATORY: Cultural session with the local group  outlining facts and information about your own country

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This program is a hands-on environmental program that aims at creating more sustainable communities through active involvement of young people. There are high levels of littering amongst students and a lack of school gardens within the school compounds. This limits the students’ access to nutritious foods, and the time spent outdoors. We work with young people in schools to actively engage in conserving our environment through outdoor conservation activities.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of:

  • Educate students/pupils on environment protection, growing healthier food in school gardens, and best farming practices.
  • Establish orchards with the pupils (fruit tree gardens) in our eco-schools
  • Take pupils to explore their natural surroundings and identify key natural resources.
  • Interacting with students, parents and teachers about best child rights practices, conflict resolution etc..
  • Interact with the pupils to develop their English skills.
  • Working with schools to innovate solutions for local problems
  • Develop an outdoor curriculum for sports, gardening, scouts, etc.MANDATORY: Cultural session with the students outlining facts and information about your own country.

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We would like to engage as many volunteers as possible in our work and activities. While many choose to come to Uganda to have their onsite experiences while working with the people here, we also want those who can’t come to Uganda to be able to do something that impacts lives of many remotely.

The Online ambassador in this case shall directly engage/participate in our activities online in the comfort of their home, school or work dedicating around 16-18 hours a week to support our work.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of: 

  • Updating our social media/website information.
  • Sourcing and introducing us to likeminded grassroots, school groups/clubs in your community.
  • Linking us to potential grant makers for our projects.
  • Encouraging potential volunteers to volunteer with us in our projects.
  • Networking with former volunteers/interns and supporters and updating them about ongoing and completed projects.

Qualifications here vary from person to person and field of interest. Basic ones include;

• Good communication skills.

• Team building.

• Good online networking skills.

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This position requires a person who is passionate and dedicated to improving access to safe water in communities. The volunteer/ WASH Assistant will help in establishing a reliable source of safe water for domestic use for about 680 people living in a water-poor village.

In this village, local people don’t have access to safe water; they get water from a small water source that is usually shared with wild animal during night, domestic animals & people during the day. The water source is in the valley and congested most of the time. Because of this situation, many children miss school and spend days on hospital beds because of deadly yet preventable diseases like diarrhea.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of:

  • Work with the community to assess and evaluate the possible water solutions to the problem.
  • Sensitise community members on preventive measures to avoid water related illnesses.
  • Help in the establishment of alternative solutions to the water problem in the community especially for vulnerable populations such as pupils in schools, elderly, disabled and institutions like health centers.
  • Educate families and schools on best practices to maintain sanitation and hygiene in their homes and schools respectively in order to avoid water related diseases.
  • Help in the rehabilitation and protection of the existing community water source and improve its access and usability.
  • Mobilise resources to facilitate construction/establishment of alternative water solutions in the community.
  • Help in distribution of water filters among families and demonstrate how to use them and maintain them.MANDATORY: Cultural session with the students/pupils outlining facts and information about your own country.

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In many rural communities, women are the producers of food. This means that they are responsible for growing it and preparing it for their families. Unfortunately, they have limited land and the soil is not productive enough to produce all the food they would like to produce. The little they produce from their small farms is not sufficient and not healthy enough for their families hence malnutrition among family members.

We seek volunteers who can train, sensitise and demonstrate small-scale organic farming of vegetables and other indigenous food crops among women and their families to produce health food using the limited resources they have.

The aim of this position is to help solve the problem of malnutrition among families and enhance income generation for women through the sale of nutritious food in their communities.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of:

  • Train women and their families healthy food production especially nutritious vegetables.
  • Demonstrate the establishment and management of family nutrition gardens.
  • Teaching local women in value addition of organic products and marketing of organic food products.
  • Demonstrate best soil management and improvement practices using organic material and locally available resources.
  • Demonstrate to families how to prepare low cost yet effective pesticides.
  • Train families in improved organic farming technologies.

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