Value Chain Advisor needed.


 Over 80% of Uganda’s population largely relies on subsistence farming for food and income generation from the little surplus produce.

There are very many challenges that these farmers face among which includes; small sized farms less than 2 acres, low output per farm, lack of transport to transport their produce to the market, climatic changes, among others.

Small-scale farmers who grow high value crops like coffee and maize are able to sell their produce to local traders that move around village to village buying this produce from farmers at very low prices, leaving them exploited and therefore not able to meet their basic household needs.

We are looking for a Value Chain Advisor (VCA) who can closely work with motivated smallholder farmers working on small farms of less than 2 acres, to create a sustainable value chain that will ensure that farmers produce and market quality produce in competitive markets without being exploited.

Roles and responsibilities of the VCA.

  • Design and administer surveys to collect information about current situation.
  • Hold meetings with farmers to identify their current needs and possible solutions.
  • Conduct capacity building sessions on ways of bridging the gaps in the value chain.
  • Support farmers to improve their post-harvest handling methods.
  • Train farmers on benefits of collective marketing in high value crops.
  • Creating market linkages with good potential buyers of their produce.
  • Train farmers in Enterprise selection and enterprise financing and sustainability.
  • Together with farmers design a marketing strategy for selected enterprises.

Qualifications and skills.

  • Value chain development and sustainability.
  • International trade..
  • Entrepreneurship.

Interested in this position?

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