Train women in Entrepreneurship Skills

In rural communities like Lwengo, women spend much their time collecting firewood, fetching water, cooking, care taking for the young and sick, and small-scale farming. We work with women to improve their livelihoods through skills development such managing small group enterprises or handicrafts. Women currently work in small groups to make handbags, tablemats, beads, or bracelets to earn additional income. Our goal is that these women can become self-reliant and improve their livelihoods.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of:

  • Train women and/or youth in entrepreneurship skills and management of small businesses.
  • Teaching young people and women how to grow their business ideas.Working with the group to design a marketing strategy for the products.
  • Organising information meeting with the women and/or youth groups.
  • Sharing best ways to practice the culture of saving among women and youth.
  • Designing easy to use learning material for women and youth (for use during training)MANDATORY: Cultural session with the local group outlining facts and information about your own country

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