Train rural families in organic farming

In many rural communities, women are the producers of food. This means that they are responsible for growing it and preparing it for their families. Unfortunately, they have limited land and the soil is not productive enough to produce all the food they would like to produce. The little they produce from their small farms is not sufficient and not healthy enough for their families hence malnutrition among family members.

We seek volunteers who can train, sensitise and demonstrate small-scale organic farming of vegetables and other indigenous food crops among women and their families to produce health food using the limited resources they have.

The aim of this position is to help solve the problem of malnutrition among families and enhance income generation for women through the sale of nutritious food in their communities.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of:

  • Train women and their families healthy food production especially nutritious vegetables.
  • Demonstrate the establishment and management of family nutrition gardens.
  • Teaching local women in value addition of organic products and marketing of organic food products.
  • Demonstrate best soil management and improvement practices using organic material and locally available resources.
  • Demonstrate to families how to prepare low cost yet effective pesticides.
  • Train families in improved organic farming technologies.

Interested in this position?

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