Experience in Uganda

Erik Nelsson – Sweden

I spent 6 weeks with Integrated Villages in Lwengo district, Uganda as a part of a longer trip in Africa.  This was the most interesting experience on my travels and highly recommended, even though I would recommend to stay a longer period of time. During my internship I was a part of a multitude of community projects with a focus on agroforestry and organic farming. My supervisor, Godfrey, had a vast knowledge of the local environment and traditions, but also about the (great) challenges of climate change and how to adapt to them. He was good at English, and very communicative and flexible (which was needed, since the rain season lasted three weeks longer than “expected”). Among the projects, we built a tree nursery and prepared tree seedlings, we planted trees and produce, such as white cabbage, and attended work shops with local farmers. In general, it was a very pleasant experience and I hope to be able to return in the future to see the development in the area!