Teach Climate change mitigation practices in Uganda.

This programs works with the rural community to rehabilitate their degraded communities so they can be able to sustain their community needs and livelihoods. We are working with farmers in these villages to sustainably use their land to grow more food for their families and jointly create more a sustainable environment by rehabilitating the degraded land by encouraging farmers to integrate tree growing in their farm activities and enterprises.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of:

  • You will work with local people especially smallholder farmers in the community to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems and challenges they face using locally available resources.
  • You will conduct trainings and demonstrations for farmers on climate change mitigation methods and better farming methods that can be integrated in their conventional farming in order to realize better yields and income from their livelihood activities.
  • Conducting informational meetings on the impact of climate change to smallholder farming with local farmers, leaders and community.
  • Organising tree planting campaigns and sensitizing communities on benefits of tree integration on their farmlands and environment.
  • Designing easy to understand training material about climate change mitigation, waste management, organic farming, sustainable energy/ renewable energy and other vital topics for local people in the communities you will be working with.
  • Share knowledge on conservation practices to farmers, students and pupils. seedlings on our community farm in Luteete village. (Rainy seasons only: April – June and August –December)
  • Educate the local people on the effects of climate change and possible solutionsMANDATORY: Cultural session with the local group  outlining facts and information about your own country

Interested in the position?

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