Green Villages

Green villages for more resilient families.

This initiative aims at building resilient communities by engaging them in increasing biodiversity and conservation of natural resources  in communities where livelihoods are threatened by the impacts of climate change. Our interventions include:

1. Tree growing. Smallholder farmers are empowered and equipped with knowledge and tools to tackle the changing climatic conditions by growing useful trees on their farms. Trees grown have healing properties, provide fruits, firewood and fodder for livestock, improve soil fertility and protect crops from harsh environmental stress among other benefits. This way, farmer families are able to produce enough food for their families and generate income from farms activities.

2. Eco-schools. This intervention aims at engaging young people in acquiring practical skills in conserving the environment to make them stewards of nature. Through outdoor learning methods, pupils and students get first-hand knowledge and brainstorm methods to protect the environment. This transforms their schools and communities into more productive and livable environments for better learning. To learn more about Eco-schools volunteering opportunities visit here

3. Green energy for villages. This aspect addresses access to clean, safe and sustainable renewable energy for lighting, cooking and business operations. We promote affordable solar energy products  in off-grid communities of Lwengo district. These products provide clean lighting, phone charging options and running of small businesses in communities we work with. We also promote improved cookstoves made from locally available materials and are environmental friendly.

Our Impact.

green villages impact

How it works

Villages are selected based on their intensity of needs and Green Villages Sponsors invest in Greening Villages by donating Green Village kits to household in communities.

Every household gets a Green Villages kit that has 5 fruit tree a solar lighting device, 1 eco-stove, and assorted vegetable seeds.

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