Fees, food and Accommodation

Logistics information:

– Volunteers are welcome year round

– Upon arrival, we will be available to welcome you and receive you from the airport.

-We will then head to our project site (You will meet pickup costs). Our project location is about 3 hour drive from Entebbe Airport.

– A Ugandan Tourist Visa for $50 USD is available at the airport upon your arrival at Entebbe. Apply for e-visa use link ( https://visas.immigration.go.ug/#/apply )

– Please provide documentation of your vaccinations, specifically Yellow Fever, COVID 19 as these vacations are MANDATORY for all travelers entering Uganda.


– You will be receiving a cultural/project orientation about our work with the communities, villager lifestyles, and learn basic Luganda to converse with the locals. You will also be briefed about important place around like Health centers, restaurants, internet cafes, grocery stores and others



You will be staying with one of our host families in the community where you will be working. Our host families are wisely selected and they also speak English. The distance to the community groups or schools you will be working can be accessed through walking, or by a motorbike.

Meals: Volunteers will be provided with three local Uganda meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Fruit and bottled water are also included. We are also able to cater to special dietary restrictions or allergies. We are soon having the option of an open kitchen for those who can cook for themselves.

Internet: Internet can be accessed through cafes and restaurants in the nearby town, or purchased with your smartphone through a Uganda SIM Card. Some volunteer tasks require a laptop, so it is encouraged that volunteers bring their own.

Program costs: You will be paying an average cost of $17 USD per day for those staying for less than a month and $16 USD per day for those staying for more than one month.

Project area: The villages or communities you will be working with are 12-15 minutes to Masaka Town, an urban center. We encourage you to spend your free time in Masaka to explore, as there are restaurants, small shops, and handicrafts.

Expected Duration: Volunteers are expected stay for at least one week. But please note that any period longer than two weeks will be more impactful for both the community, and volunteer.

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