Environment Conservation.

This program works with rural community members to join efforts in rehabilitating their degraded communities, with the end goal of sustaining their community needs and livelihoods.

With the rising levels of degradation and loss of green cover from trees and other vegetation from wetlands, many local people in rural villages are facing high levels of crop failure, loss of livestock due to drought conditions.

Key Issues to Address:

  • High the rate of natural resource loss and degradation of farmland resources.
  • Food insecurity among rural farmer families.
  • The loss of farm tree cover that is raising the need to encroach on natural forests for wood fuel and other purposes.
  • Ensuring self-sustaining livelihood of poor farmer families
  • Use of unsafe and inefficient energy options used in the community

Some Volunteer Tasks Include:

  • designing conservation action plans
  • developing lasting solutions for local environmental issues
  • sharing improved farming or gardening practices
  • participating in community tree planting campaigns and/or helping out with raising tree seedlings on our Demo farm in Luteete village. (planting season only April – June and August – December)
  • sensitizing local people on effects and methods to adapt to climate change
  • MANDATORY: Cultural session with the local group and a village school outlining facts and information about your country. 

To volunteer for this opportunity, please visit here.


Maesopsis tree seedlings (3 months) healthily growing in a nursery bed


Passion fruit in a local farm in Kasaana