Become an Online Ambassador

We would like to engage as many volunteers as possible in our work and activities. While many choose to come to Uganda to have their onsite experiences while working with the people here, we also want those who can’t come to Uganda to be able to do something that impacts lives of many remotely.

The Online ambassador in this case shall directly engage/participate in our activities online in the comfort of their home, school or work dedicating around 16-18 hours a week to support our work.

Duties as a volunteer may consist of: 

  • Updating our social media/website information.
  • Sourcing and introducing us to likeminded grassroots, school groups/clubs in your community.
  • Linking us to potential grant makers for our projects.
  • Encouraging potential volunteers to volunteer with us in our projects.
  • Networking with former volunteers/interns and supporters and updating them about ongoing and completed projects.

Qualifications here vary from person to person and field of interest. Basic ones include;

• Good communication skills.

• Team building.

• Good online networking skills.

Apply for this position here.

Interested in this position?

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