Sustainable Agriculture

Why do we work on Agriculture?

Land is one living precious resource that almost every family living in rural community has access to. Unfortunately, for many farmers this resource has not been used effectively to get expected yields. This is so due to a number of factors that threaten farming as their main source of livelihoods. These include unpredictable climatic changes, lack of knowledge about better farming technologies and lack of appropriate tools to improve production, new emerging pests and diseases that constantly cause huge loses in the field and at post-harvest stages.

What do we do?  Farmer education.

Providing the needed on-farm training and skills to low-income farmers and their household members in sustainable and profitable farming activities that improve food security, increase income generation and nutritional self-sufficiency.

The Sustainable Agriculture education program equips farmers with the knowledge and skills on best farming practices to integrate both crop growing and livestock on the same farm to enhance productivity and diversify farm income sources, reduce expenditure on external inputs and also reduce associated risks that lead to huge farming losses.

Whom we work with: Smallholder farmers.

We work with Smallholder farmer families that farm less than two acres of land to equip them with essential knowledge in improved farming methods and technologies to improve their farming activities in selected crops and livestock for food security and income generation.

Since women engage in over 80% of farming activities in their families and are the primary producers of food for their households, we engage them in farming as a business and participation in value-chains for economic transformation.

small-scale farming as abusiness
Sumin watering her tomato garden

What are the benefits?

Grow more food. Smallholder farmer families are able to grow more nutritious food to address both food security and nutritional needs  in their families and communities.

Get more income. With the appropriate training on best farming practices and managing farm enterprises, farmer families are able to generate profitable income from farm enterprises.

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