About Us

Integrated Villages is a registered not for profit community-based organization in Uganda. Founded in 2011, Integrated Villages is registered with the Lwengo District Community development department under NGO/CBO 2010 and Local Government Act 1997.

We work with people living in marginalized communities whose livelihoods are threatened by socio-economic issues and impacts of climate change, through equipping them with knowledge, skills, and tools to tackle poverty using local resources and live better lives. We build the capacity of people living in rural areas to take full control of their lives to improve their well-being.

Our projects are gender-inclusive, participatory, and community-driven. Local people are involved in every step and key voices in the decision making of development projects in their communities.

The rural population in Uganda is reported at 83.56 % with over 34 Million Ugandans living in rural areas where service provision, access to jobs, and safe water are all inadequate” (source – World Bank).

Integrated Villages is contributing to transforming the lives of these people living in rural areas by giving them hope, the right knowledge, skills, and tools required; through our tailored initiatives to address these problems.


Our village-centered approach empowers women and men in communities we work with to lead the kind of change they need in their communities. We use local structures and leadership to identify the most in-need communities and this is where we go.

Our model

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