About us

Integrated Villages is a registered not for profit community-based organization in Uganda working together with low-income families to end poverty and climate change together, through community-centered interventions using the “Whole Village Approach”


Our mission is to give low-income families life opportunities to end poverty.


We envision empowered families, productive and peaceful communities.

The Problem

The unenabling conditions and socio-economic constraints that surround the everyday lives of under resourced people creates the vicious cycle of poverty around them. This makes them more vulnerable to the ever changing social, economic and environmental changes in society.

The Solution

We are providing tools, skills and opportunities to women, men and young people in rural communities to meet their closest needs such as food production, income generation and access to clean energy to achieve their economic goals and aspirations in an inclusive and sustainable way.


What we do

Our community driven programs empower people from low-income families in rural areas of Uganda together with their communities to be resilient, gain economic independence, food security and access to affordable clean energy options.

Sustainable Agriculture

We promote sustainable farming among communities that we work with. Farmers are trained in improved crop and animal husbandry practices that enhance farm productivity and incomes. Farmers are learning how to manage soil fertility, conserve water, increase yields and access to better markets.

Women Empowerment

Many women in villages especially single mothers and those who have no access to land are very vulnerable in society. We are supporting women to start, small businesses that require little capital and equipping them with skills to manage their businesses.

Environment Conservation

We work with farmer communities to equip them with knowledge and tools to adapt to climate change and also mitigate the impacts of climate change in their communities. This is done through increasing tree cover, use of renewable energy like solar, energy saving stoves among others.

Our Impact


Women trained


Trees Planted


Families on Pay-Go Solar

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Phone: +256 0787092955

email: integratedvillages@gmail.com

Po BOX: 227 Masaka, Uganda


We envision Communities with empowered families living in a productive and peaceful environment